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Davis, Richard E.; Klein, Gertrude; Dickson, Vance; Keegan, John J.; Vincent, Harry; et al

Official Detective Stories Magazine, October 15, 1936, Vol. II, No. 11 - The Camden Dobbins Murder / Sex Behind Bars


Hill, Napoleon; Stone, W. Clement [Signed]

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Lynch, Peter

Beating the Street


Hauser, Gayelord; Murray, Nora; Wilson, Earl; Adams, Joey; Gowdy, Curt; et al

See [Magazine] March [Mar.] 1953, Vol. 12, No. 2 - Rita Hayworth Cover


Rothbard, Murray N.

America's Great Depression


Walter, Clarence E.; Barber, Lawrence; Miller, Leo E.; Scuttie Butt Pete;

Pacific Motor Boat [Magazine] February [Feb] 1950, Vol. 42, No. 2 - Miss Seattle Cover Photo


Bernardine Dorn; Jeff Jones; Celia Sojourn; Weather Underground; Bill Ayers

Prairie Fire the Politics of Revolutionary Anti-imperialism


William C. Heine

Last Canadian


Fisher, Irving [Signed]; Cohrssen, Hans R.L.

Stable Money - A History of the Movement


Morgenthau, Henry

Germany Is Our Problem


Bernays, Edward L. [Editor], Cutler, Howard W.; Dodge, Sherwood; Fine, Benjamin; Fleischman, Doris; Ginsburgh, A. Robert; Jones, John Price; Samstag, Nicholas [Contributors]

The Engineering of Consent


Phillips, Walter Joseph

Colour in the Canadian Rockies,


Von Mises, Ludwig [Signed]; Read, Leonard E. [Foreword]

Planned Chaos


Vonnegut, Kurt Jr.

Cat's Cradle


Baruch, Ruth-Marion and Pirkle Jones

The Vanguard: A Photographic Essay on the Black Panthers


Woodson, Jacqueline

Another Brooklyn: Signed Set


Woodson, Jacqueline

Miracle's Boys


Beatty, Paul

The White Boy Shuffle


Mieville, China

The City & The City


Dexter, Colin

Last Bus to Woodstock


Saladino, John F.



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