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Effel, Jean, cartoonist

Commerce et Qualit


Illustrated by Violet Blue Zebra

Zoo Nonsense Verses


Alighieri, Dante.

La Divina Commedia


Goro Kumada, editor. Ken Domon, Masao Horino, Ihei Kimura, Wanatabe Yoshio and other members of the Nihon Kobo



Daudet, Alphonse. Aquarelles de A. Robaudi. Plumes et Coloris de Fred Money

Lettres de Mon Moulin


Scott, Sir Walter. Illustrated by George Cruikshank

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft, Addressed to J. G. Lockhart, Esq.


Goldsmith, Oliver. Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. Preface by Austen Dobson

[Kelliegram Binding] The Vicar of Wakefield


La Fontaine, [Jean de]. Illustrated by J. J. Grandville. Translated from the French by Elizur Wright, Jr.

Fables of La Fontaine (Two Volumes)


Pliny, Dr. Bob

Mapping the Known World


Pliny, Dr. Bob

On Wisdom Road


Pellar, Hanns and Fritz von Ostini

Der Kleine Knig. Ein Marchen.


Chang Yu

Chinese Sketch Book


Pugin, Augustus and Thomas Rowlandson

Microcosm of London or London in Miniature (Three volumes)


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