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Andersen Hans Arthur Rackham Illustrator

Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen Illustrated By Arthur Rackham


Knickerbocker Diedrich Washington Irving

A History of New York Volume 2 Only


Spaak Paul

Baldus et Josina


Goethe Anna Swanwick Trans M. Retzsch Illust

The First Part Of Goethes Faust


Hoffmann E. T. W.

Weird Tales Vols. I and II


Alcott Louisa M.

Eight Cousins or the Aunt-Hill


Murillo Adolphe

Plantes Medicinales Du Chili


Lathen Emma Mary Jane Latsis Martha Henissart Aka R. B. Dominic

Title Not Listed


Hearn Lafcadio Makoto Sangu

Editorials from the Kobe chronicle


Stuart Bruce Art Daniel C. Dempster Text

The Art of Bruce Stuart


Davis Owen

Icebound A Play


Voltaire Francois Marie Arouet Marquis De Condorcet Editor Pierre Beaumarchais

Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire 69 of 70 Volumes


Dogbolt Barnaby A.K.A. Herbert Silvette

Eves Second Apple


Zalce Graciela Martnez Frida Kahlo Emily Carr

Lazos Artsticos Emily Carr y Frida Kahlo


Lozano Luis-Martin Magdalena Zavala Itzel Vargas Plata

La Coleccion Del Acervo Del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes


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