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Kielan-Jaworowska, Z., Barsbold, R., Maryanska, T., Osmolska, H. and Sulimski, A.

Results of the Polish-Mongolian Palaeontological Expeditions. Parts I-X (in 15 parts), Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska, editor


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Murray, John W. B.

An Essay on Neuralgia


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Hughes, Langston

Shakespeare in Harlem


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Blake, William; Joseph Wicksteed : Geoffrey Keynes.

Jerusalem. A Facsimile of the Illuminated Book


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Elgar, Frank ; Maillard, Robert ; Picasso, Pablo



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Ross, Stephen; Westerfield, Randolph; Jordan, Bradford

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 12th Edition


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Vanputte, Cinnamon, Regan, Jennifer, Russo, Andrew, Seeley, Rod

Seeley's Anatomy & Physiology 12th Edition


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Michael Geringer, Jeanne McNett, Donald Ball

International Business 2nd Edition


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Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan Marcus

Essentials of Investments 11th Edition


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William Lanen, Shannon Anderson, Michael Maher

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting 6th Edition


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Francis Carey, Robert Giuliano

Organic Chemistry 11th Edition


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Laurence Steinberg

Adolescence 12th Edition


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Konrad Krauskopf, Arthur Beiser

The Physical Universe 17th Edition


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Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel

C++ How to Program 10th Edition


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Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers, Franklin Allen

Principles of Corporate Finance 13th Edition


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W. Thomas Griffith, Juliet Brosing

Physics of Everyday Phenomena 9th Edition


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